My 200th Etsy Sale!

So I  have reached my 200th Etsy Sale!!! As promised, I've added extra goodies to this young lady's order.
Im super stoked that I have the best return customers. I make sure that every order has a free gift, and I include great coupon codes so they can save even more when they return!

So here is a pic of the extras that I've added to this young lay's order.
Sorry about the crappy picture, had to take it with my cell cuz my camera was dead....
Anyway, the extra items include the following-
Fenugreek Seeds
Penny Royal
Jezebel Root
White Sage
Witch Hazel Bark
Wood Betony
Tumbled Amazonite
Tumbled Tigers Eye
Tumbled Blood Stone
Tumbled Moonstone

I love my customers and I hope she's happy with her extras!



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