Giving Back

There have been a few times in my life where my family hasnt had a roof over they're heads. Because we existed on the help and generosity of others, I make sure that my children know what it is to truly give back to the community. We donate all of our gently worn clothes to shelters, we donate to canned food drives and we try to volunteer our time.

Last night we volunteered at a great place, The Downtown Rescue Mission. We and hundreds of others helped to top last years number of feeding 600 families. This year they were able to feed almost 900. I think it's important for the kids to see whats going on and to try to help. They left with a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment last night. They knew that with each box they carried, that was one family that was going to have a Thanksgiving meal.

On another note, the news was there last night. I tried my best to not be caught by the cameras because I wasnt feeling well (I have several health problems), but I was not going to miss this opportunity to help those that may be in a position that I may have been in a few times of my life. I believe life is a circle, yes, the old what comes around, goes around. I was able to dodge the cameras last night, but one of my twins was caught by them. And the picture the picture that they used on the news channels website was a picture of her helping to keep the line going by filling up her box full of canned goods.
(This is one of my twins, Nyambi.)

We have also donated our time on Thanksgiving to help feed the homeless. This will be the first time that the kids have ever gone this. I went for the first time when I was they're age. It kinda makes you take a step back. Not to look at all of the material things that you have a masted, but with a few changed circumstances, you could easily be in the same boat. I know many people who live paycheck to paycheck. That may be, but I am wealthy in so many other things. Love, friends, family. 

In sharing this, I guess what Im saying is this is how we try to touch lives. It really doesnt take much time out of your day. One small dead can impact a life. Give Back.



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