Not Everything Should Be A Facebook Status!!!

let me say it again in case you didnt read the title. NOT EVERYTHING SHOULD BE A FACEBOOK STATUS!!!

A couple of days ago a woman was shot in the head by her boyfriend, in front of her 11 year old daughter and his 4 year old son. He in turn, shot himself in the head. Neither of them died immediately. The 11 year old had to run from the house to a neighbor and they called 911.

The young lady was my girlfriend's best friend. They have spent they're whole life together growing up. She was past devastated when she found out what happened. How did she find out? A FACEBOOK STATUS! Like come on people! Yup, the young lady's father posted it. They all lived in a small community where everyone knows everyone. This spread like wildfire.

I understand maybe not having certain people's phone numbers and all, but a FB status?
Her passing has the whole community broken. He later passed as well after organ harvesting. As of right now, the 11 year old is now with her father after being in DHR's care for two days, Im not sure where or who the younger child is with.

As of right now the visitation is tomorrow and the funeral for the young lady. My girlfriend is so pitiful. I wish I had the words to comfort her. She is so upset, so sad... she does have great and wonderful stories and memories to hang on to, thank the gods.

In closing, I just dont feel like devastating info  such as this is meant to be a status. I just dont.


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