Feeling A Little Despondent....

I have had an excellent run on Etsy, Ive met some pretty cool people. I love that there is a place for me to sell the things that mean something to me and to my buyers. That I cant tell  you makes me feel great.

Now that being said, I have had my share of problems with some buyers, with shipping, etc. For most of this year I have had the most terrible time with one woman, who since March of 2011, until this writing, December 2011, has made my life hell. She has been harassing me when I  had gone out of my way to re-send her items to Hong Kong 4 times. this is all coming out of my stash of products and the shipping costs coming out of my pockets each time.

I contacted Etsy 3 times since the last time I sent her items about her calling me a thief of all things. Etsy told me not to respond to her convos, to ignore her, that I had already done everything that I was supposed to do. Then I get an email at the end of November saying that my shop will be suspended until the matter is resolved. "Resolved" means giving her a total refund. Which I think is ridiculous since I never had any of the packages that I sent her returned to me in the mail. So now, Im sitting here with the biggest selling season upon me, and my shop is closed. Yes, Im mad. Beyond mad really. I try my best to make sure all of my customers are happy. I did exactly what Etsy told me to do, and now, my shop is closed. grrrr...

So, Im not going to just sit here, so I am in the process of opening another store on Zibbit. I will submit the link once I have a few items up. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Maybe I will be able to reach new customers and meet new sellers in the Zibbet community. Who knows....



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