I figured I would let you know a lil more about myself. Im sarcastic and random as I dont know what. I like to have fun, and sometimes I have to make my own fun. So anyway here's a few things...

  • Brown Sugar & Cinnamon are the ONLY Pop Tarts I will eat.
  • I dont drink soda, at all.
  • I dont eat pork. Not for religious reasons, I just dont like it.
  • I am a fiend for buttered pop corn.
  • I was born April 19th, my twins on September 19th, my youngest on March 19th & the dogs on November 19th.
  • I cuss like a sailor.
  • I LOVE to cook.
  • I used to be a hair stylist.
  • I went to culinary school.
  • I make jewelry to relax.
  • I have a girlfriend. Yes, Im a lesbian.
  • Im bi-racial.
  • I have tattoos and piercings all over.
  • I tend to scare people with the way I look and I think its funny.
  • Every year I end up grabbing the clippers to give myself a bad ass mohawk.
  • Im originally from Baltimore, Maryland.
  • I was bitten by a Great Dane in the face when I was 6, and am a dog lover.
  • I have a sick sense of humor.
  • I LOVE horror movies.
  • Most of my friends are drag queens.
  • Yes, I watch reality shows, cuz I love a good train wreck.
  • I LOVE to read!
  • One day I wish to meet Anne Rice & Dean Koontz.
  • I decorate my house more for Halloween than others do for X-mas.
  • When I have a bad day, I read emails from clients to cheer myself up.
  • I used to design websites for BBWs.
  • The female form is beautiful to me.
  • Im a proud Pagan.
  • I collect tarot decks.
Well, thats all I can think of right now but you know and I know theres more. That was just at the top of my head. =)



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