Ok so here goes...

This is my second blog, my last one wasn't backed up and I lost tons and tons of great stuff. No worries, there's nothing wrong with a new start and new beginnings.
Quick introduction Is in order I guess. My name is Megan. I am the proud momma of 3 daughters. I am also a proud pagan. My life has been so much simpler and my eyes are now open to the world now that I have stopped fighting with myself. For years I was trying to be and worship as other thought I should, all the while I knew I had something special that no one wanted to mention. I could do things, I knew things before they happened. I thought I was some kinda freak, especially through the teen years.
Now, I fly many flags. There is just no way to sum it all up in just a few paragraphs. But I know before too long, you will know quite a bit about me, my work, my business, thoughts, recipes all kinds of goodies!
Hang in there, I hope to provide a good read. :)



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